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"He who knows others is learned; he who knows himself is wise." Lao Tzu

Once Upon A Time, Barbara toiled in the infancy of the computer programming profession capitalizing upon her problem-solving skills. Over 28 years inside national and multi-national corporations, she managed or consulted on numerous projects requiring strategic planning, business process redesign and the development of business solutions involving information technology. She was a coach to individuals and organizations even before that profession had revealed itself!

So, Barbara exited Corporate America and began her executive coaching and organizational development consulting practice in 1997. She has consulted with and coached leaders of IT and other technical organizations, the executives they work with, and other change agents. Barbara is committed to shedding light on the root truth of a situation that can bring about dramatic change. She excels at listening for clues in stories, asking deep questions, and offering new perspectives and on-target insights so that her clients can realize their true potential by working from their unique strengths. Their results change their organizations as well. Magic!

As a lifelong learner, she recently completed a Master's degree in the Art Museum & Gallery Education programme at the University of Newcastle in the UK. She is also enrolled in the Graduate School of Coaching, and reads and travels extensively. Barbara is a member of CoachVille, and the International Association of Coaches.


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